Passion, negativity and everything in between…


England booked their place in next years World Cup last night. With an exciting and exuberant display, unlike most we’ve come to expect over recent years. We all love a World Cup campaign, the excitement before that first group game. Everyone piling down the pub or round friends to watch the three lions. The hope. The expectation, that maybe just maybe this could be the year, our year. Are we wrong for this hope? No of course not.

I see and hear such a huge amount of negativity when it comes to the English national team and it does baffle me. I see so many fans constantly saying ‘club over country’, why does it have to be like that?  I’ve heard every excuse in the book over the years. Not wanting players to get injured, hating the players in the squad, the team being boring and the team showing no passion. All of these are complete rubbish. They are all excuses, and poor ones at that. Every person reading this has a club they support, and at one time or another they have been ‘boring’ to watch or had a player not pulling his weight! Do you still support the team? Of course you do. As for the excuse of hating the players playing for England, what a crock of s***. I saw Arsenal fans begging Arsene Wenger to sign Wayne Rooney, the same man they hate and blame for ending their famous unbeaten run. I’ve watched Spurs fans get behind the likes of Emmanuel Adebayour, and William Gallas. Chelsea behind Ashley Cole. Man United behind Robin Van Persie. This whole debacle of hating these players goes completely out of the window once they pull on your clubs shirt. So why not when they pull on the three lions and head out representing their country?

The negativity I saw after last nights game astounded me. I saw and heard all sorts of things about fans now thinking we are world beaters and can win next years tournament. Yet I saw and heard no one say such things?! But some ‘fans’ can’t help but try to put a negative spin on something which had no real negatives to pull from it. England played attacking football, kept a clean sheet and qualified for the World Cup finals. Brilliant in my eyes. If we had been beaten last night, then yes, I could not argue with negativity over the performance, result and outcome… But we didn’t, we won and won well. If that was the club these ‘Englishmen’ support, we’d never hear the end of how great certain players are or how ‘proud’ they are. This blog has turned more into a rant to be honest, but this subject frustrates the hell out of me! Mainly because these negative people will be in the pubs with the rest of us cheering on England, celebrating when we score, and enjoying any success.

Yes, we have probably under achieved considering how successful the premier league is, and has been over the last twenty or so years. But no matter how successful your club sides are, you’ll still support them, still follow them through thick and thin. If you don’t want to do that with England, stop watching them, don’t watch any of the Word Cup. Sit indoors and watch countdown whilst the rest of us get behind our country. I for one, will love England the same, whether we go out in the group stages, out on penalties to Germany in the quarters, or win the thing.

Bring on next June! Come on England!!!!!


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